Graphic showing progression of your body structure and health as your ABC™ course of treatment progresses from start to finish.

How ABC can help...

get your life back

Photos showing posture improvement over 2 years of ABC™ care

Often times people ask us what conditions can be helped with Advanced BioStructural Correction™. Well, let’s first clarify what ABC can NOT help with!
If you are experiencing pain due to fractures, infection, diabetes, tumors, and the like, you should seek advice from a health professional of your choice. ABC will not help you there.
While ABC is certainly not a cure-all, it significantly improves your overall health because of its positive impact on the body.


Just by fixing your posture alone, you can significantly improve your digestion, elimination, and detoxification since all the vital organs responsible for these tasks reside in the abdominal cavity. With a collapsed posture, these organs are under tremendous strain and, therefore, can not perform their job well.

Likewise, in the chest cavity, with improved posture, your heart can pump more blood per beat since it’s no longer squished due to a collapsed posture. Your lungs fill in more air so you have more oxygen in your body. In fact, this is one of the first things almost everyone notices starting from day one of ABC treatments.

Structural Stress

The bone displacements in the body indicated by a collapsed posture, exert forces that get transmitted to distant parts of the body. All the bones are literally connected, and each out-of-place bone can affect any part of the body including veins and arteries.

As the injuries and compensations are removed from the body layer by layer, there is much less strain on various organs, connective tissue, lymphatic system, and blood vessels. As you can imagine, this has a significant bearing on how your body works. Within the first few treatments, clients routinely report sleeping better, improved balance, and an increased capacity to perform physical work.

Neurological Benefits

One of the issues with bones being out of place is that it exerts a stretch on the spinal cord. In fact, research shows that the spinal cord can extend by 4-6 inches over its normal length. A study on the effects of this type of tension found that a stretched spinal cord loses its ability to conduct nerve signals properly. That means, with a tense spinal cord, you could have a healthy organ but poor wiring leading to ineffective communication with the brain.

This shows how structural issues could have a large effect on your neurological health. In fact, almost all neurological conditions have a structural component which is rarely talked about in mainstream medicine. Clients undergoing regular ABC treatments soon find their debilitating neurological condition losing its grip on them. Many feel that ABC gave them their life back.

Psychological well-being

In addition to the stretch in the spinal cord, vertebral misalignments cause a pull on the brainstem causing a host of problems. The brainstem regulates vital cardiac and respiratory functions and acts as a vehicle for sensory information.

So, when there’s a pull on the brainstem, you feel like a veil is present between you and the rest of existence. This feeling is commonly referred to as brain fog. But it’s more than just that…

Different parts of the brainstem are associated with respiration, swallowing, bladder control, hearing, taste, eye movement, facial expressions, vision, hearing, motor control, sleep and wake cycles, alertness, and temperature regulation.

The lower half of the brainstem regulates autonomic, involuntary functions such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure.

No wonder, as you start getting treated with ABC, your sense of well-being improves drastically. Most clients report being happier and generally satisfied with life within a few sessions.