Graphic showing a person sitting with pain and a close-up section of his muscle tissue hurting which Advanced BioStructural Correction as offered at True Healing and Wellness can fix completely,

Begin your journey to pain free here. Learn the root cause of pain, pressure, restricted motion, balance issues, and collapsed posture. We have a track record of resolving structural problems for good in adults, children, and babies alike. Book a simple demo to find out how we can help you, too.

Say Goodbye to Body Pain!

We promise results consistently and predictably for every body

Our bodies break down in a consistent way and unless that pattern is understood one can’t fix broken bodies. With Advanced BioStructural Correction™, that method to the madness has been discovered. That’s why certified ABC™ practitioners can now promise consistent results!

Pushing the body around or cracking bones is unnecessary at best and dangerous at worst. With Advanced BioStructural Correction™, only those issues are fixed that the body can’t self-correct. The body takes care of the rest.

No more quick crack-n-snap treatments

Chronic pain relief in under 3 weeks*

We routinely see clients experience relief from pain they’ve had for years, even decades. Even though all long-standing concerns are not completely resolved in such a short amount of time, over 95% of our clients find enough benefits to continue with their recommended program. (* results vary)

The improvements clients experience stay and continue to build-on with regular treatments. Most folks see an improvement in posture, energy-levels, and stamina from the very first session.

Sustained improvements in posture, energy, and performance for life

Ergonomics education and ongoing support

We’ll show you simple ergonomical changes to your lifestyle that’ll remarkably speed up your recovery by helping the body heal faster. When on our program, you’ll get priority support 24/7.