Graphic showing progression of your body structure and health as your ABC™ course of treatment progresses from start to finish.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™​

for pain relief, upright posture, improved performance

Side view photo showing improvements in posture for a female senior client over 3 treatments

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ addresses structural abnormalities consistently and predictably. Structural issues in the body present as a collapsed posture, which is a sign of brewing circulation problems, chronic pain, and neurological complications. Discover the remarkable health benefits that follow when your body stays upright naturally and effortlessly!

Structural issues interfere with your everyday life

Photo of a woman massaging her temple seemingly due to a headache
Migraine Headaches
Photo of a woman looking exhausted
Chronic Fatigue
Photo of a woman massaging her neck seemingly due to pain
Neck Pain
Photo of a man holding his wrist as if in pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome
Carpal Tunnel
Two men playing soccer and on the verge of having an accident
Sports Injuries
Photo of a man holding his knee due to arthritic pain
Arthritic Pain

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ evolved from decades of research in the field of neurology and various body manipulation techniques.

Due to various injuries and lifestyle choices, certain bones in the body go out of place in positions that it can not self-correct since there are no muscles that can pull in the direction needed to fix these displacements.

Graphic showing what happens when a vertebra is displaced in a forward direction
Graphic depicting how compensations from spinal injuries cause pain

Consequently, a layered pattern of compensation develops in the body, putting undue pressure on various organs, muscles, connective tissue, nerves, and even blood vessels contributing to illnesses.
Another significant problem is the persistent and excessive stretch on the spinal cord, which can cause severe neurological problems in the long run.

Immediate pain relief is the very first benefit most clients experience, but that’s just a side benefit! Deeper down Advanced BioStructural Correction™ does so much more.

Graphic showing regression in posture as a man ages on the left side and people showing improved posture after ABC treatments on the right side.
The first two photos of women who were treated by an Advanced BioStructural Correction™ are “Before” and “After” shots from the same day and next (rightmost). 1Photo Source: Official Website of Institute of Advanced Biostructural Correction™

As seen in the photo above, an ABC treatment results in a marked improvement in posture indicating that all bones in the body are lined up in their natural positions.

Photo showing improvements in posture of a female client over 3 treatments
Improvements in posture over 3 treatments


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    Photo Source: Official Website of Institute of Advanced Biostructural Correction™