Client image showing significant improvements in posture over the first three treatments

Relieve Pain, Relive Your Life

We received great response to our Progress News article which was published the week of June 14th. Some of the questions we got inspired us to further clarify how our services help.

One common question is if Advanced BioStructural Correction™ the same as Chiropractic. The short answer is No. Chiropractic works by moving bone misalignments to a presumed natural position. In ABC™ it’s held that the body knows best what is an appropriate position for a bone in its current configuration. Human body is a self-regulating mechanism. It’s designed to calibrate itself as necessary, much like a car circulating just enough coolant as and when needed. So, we don’t make a call for the body but allow it to re-calibrate as it sees fit. And the results are astounding!

Our process allows the body to slowly unwind out of the current compensatory position which is what you experience as symptoms like pain or lack of motion. That helps relieve these symptoms much faster than any other manipulative technique out there. The body continues to heal, navigating through the old injuries layer by layer which are then resolved with subsequent treatments.

So, not only are you relieved of your recent symptoms but also from the discomfort you may have had for years, even decades. Why? Because Advanced BioStructural Correction™ allows your body to go to the depth of your structural problems so they can be completely resolved.

The key to success with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is regular treatments. Which brings us to next commonly asked question: I go to a Chiropractor, why should I see you? The answer is: If you’re happy with your Chiropractic treatments, you should continue with them. It’s against our ethics to pull you away from something that’s working for you. However, if you are not getting the results you expect, or you’ve been told that they can’t help you any further, please schedule a FREE consultation with us. We’ll assess your situation and mutually decide if ABC™ is a good fit for you.

The mechanics of human structure work the same for all the 7.5 billion humans on the planet except in cases of birth-defects or permanent changes due to surgeries. ABC™ has 3+ decades of successful worldwide application. That’s why we are able to make our promise with confidence. We have not had a single case in our practice wherein client did not get results within a few treatments. Results obviously vary according to the extent of injuries and structural compromises in the body. However, all of our clients get results surpassing anything else they may have tried before.

We are extending our special pricing through mid-July with up to 27% discount on our regular fees. We encourage you to take advantage of this offer.