Graphic showing a human head with moving gears inside depicting mental activity and emotional dynamics
Graphic showing a human head with moving gears inside depicting mental activity and emotional dynamics

Emotional Freedom Coaching

with The Emotion Code®

Emotional Freedom Coaching

with The Emotion Code®

A woman shown from the back with broken chains hanging off her wrists depicting freedom from emotional issues

The Emotion Code®, as taught by Dr Bradley Nelson, is a non-invasive, gentle and effective technique for relieving unresolved emotions that get trapped in the body causing both physical symptoms and emotional pain. It can be used to help both humans and animals alike. Children especially benefit from having a stable emotional foundation in order to live a constructive and fulfilling life.

Why consider Emotion Code®

We all experience challenging situations we learn to deal with as we grow old. Sometimes, intense or prolonged emotions get trapped in the body as energetic disturbances. These imbalances cause emotional and physiological stress to the body leading to disease.

Graphic depicting two masks one with happy facial expression and the other looking sad depicting the polarity of emotions we face in our lives

These unresolved emotions influence our thinking, attitudes, and decisions every moment of our lives.

Unwholesome emotional patterns can also create muscular tension adding to our overall burden of stress thereby leading to psychosomatic illnesses.

It’s not uncommon for people to keep getting the same diseases over and over again despite undergoing treatments. These persons find relief when their unresolved emotions, associated with the illness, are cleared, allowing the body to restore health.

Photo of a bed-ridden woman looking ill

How Emotion Code® works

Photo of a female practitioner using muscle testing to assess a client's energetic status
  1. A series of statements are validated for congruency to determine offending emotions.
  2. Events associated with specific traumas may also be brought to surface, if deemed necessary.
  3. The offending emotions are then cleared using energy techniques.

The Emotion Code® does not use counselling techniques and you don’t have to explore past experiences in order to resolve your emotions.

Quite the contrary, we work with raw emotions, so there is no need to relive your past or expose private details about your life.

We combine various intuitive healing techniques along with Emotion Code® to achieve optimum results for clients. People often report feeling a burden lifting off their chest and shoulders after a session.