Photo showing a girl looking depressed as if carrying a lots of emotional baggage which can be resolved using Emotion Code offered as a service at True Healing and Wellness

Top 5 Reasons To Shed Your Emotional Baggage

EVERYONE has got some level of emotional baggage, and one doesn’t need to be a basket case to have several negative emotions trapped in their energy field. It happens to us all. So what do we do about it- let them accumulate, pushing us to the brink of insanity? Turn to drugs or alcohol to mask them? Hide away from society in a perpetual state of meditation? Adamantly pray to God to take away any and every cause of discomfort? Beg for a quick and painless death? Believe me, when at my lowest point of self-love and self-control, I’ve considered all of the above. But, like it or not, what it always boiled down to was me and what I was going to do about it.

When I found out about The Emotion Code, created and taught by Dr. Bradley Nelson, it was a beam of divine light which shined upon my psyche. Like King Arthur pulling Excalibur out of the stone, the tool I had so desperately been seeking all my life was gifted. From that point on, feeling helpless was no longer an option. Staying confused was no longer plausible. I had what I needed to live the life I had always hoped to live helping and healing others. No excuses!

So, what does this mean for those who have not chosen ‘healing’ as their calling? Those who just want to figure out what the heck is going on in their own life! For you, I have put together the top 5 reasons to shed the emotions which 9.9 times out of 10 are the very reason you can not seem to catch a break or get a grip.

Reason # 5 – Your emotions affect your environment.

Everything is energy. Emotions as well. When there is the presence of an emotion, it not only creates distortion in the particular energy field in which it originated, but it also radiates out from that center, seeking like frequencies. The amplification of these vibrations, now begins to distort external energy fields as well.
Like the signals of radio or cell towers. The energy flowing out from such transmitters creates a disturbance in alternate energy fields, which allows it to function, but impedes on other flows of energy.
Which brings us to the next point.

Reason # 4 – Your emotions affect others.

Those who are around you the most in addition to those who have naturally occurring hyper-sensitivity to energies can “absorb” your energy. Family, in particular, may also “inherit” emotional energies.

Reason # 3 – Your emotions affect your decisions.

This brings us to you and just you. You came to this life with a mission, a goal, a purpose. But as you collect experience, you also collect emotional energies, either generated by your own reaction, absorbed from another or inherited from family. Now, rather than having a clear picture on what your story was meant to be about, you have all these other co-writers that you aren’t even aware of!

Reason # 2 – Your emotions prevent your ability to give and receive love.

Dr. Nelson, in one of his talks, discusses how when a heart generates a feeling of love and sends its signal out to meet the receiver, if it should have to pass through layers and layers of negative emotional energy, rather than emerging a beautiful butterfly alighting lovingly on the consciousness of another, it instead emerges as a gnarly distorted creature screeching wretchedly and inadvertently frightening the heck out of the receiver!

[themify_box style=”rounded blue comment” ]If what you think you are communicating is love, but you are not getting love in response, trapped emotions are the culprit.[/themify_box]

Reason # 1- Your emotions keep you living in the past.

Nothing gets resolved unless and until it is given due attention. Therefore, if you never fully processed a feeling, it is still lingering about waiting for its 5 minutes of fame. It wants to be acknowledged, honored, and validated before it’ll bow out of your energy field. Because guess what, it was there to teach you something about yourself! If you ignore it, its job is not complete. You must face it.
Fortunately, this process does not involve drudging up painful memories but rather looking at them from an objective standpoint and through the eyes of compassion and healing. That alone will usher you into your future.