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Sabzi is a Hindi word for any vegetable-based dish. It’s usually paired with a grain-based item like basmati rice or roti. Also called bhaji and tarkari in some parts of India.


Roti is a wheat-based flatbread staple in several parts of India. It is baked on a round griddle called tava. Roti is primarily a non-fermented bread, although some variations are raised overnight using naturally occurring bacteria and yeast present in the environment.


Hot plate used to make the traditional Indian flatbreads like roti and paratha on the stovetop.

Dirty Dozen

To reduce your toxic pesticide exposure, we recommend to definitely ditch the Dirty Dozen. Instead, choose organic produce or items from EWG’s Clean Fifteen.

Environmental Working Group

Environmental Working Group is a non-partisan, non-profit outfit founded in 1993 with focus on issues related to toxicity in our food, water, and cosmetics.

Clean Fifteen

Clean Fifteen are the crops least sprayed with toxic pesticides and agrichemicals in US. Choose produce from this list when you can’t find its organic version.

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